Co-Curricular Activities

Our Co-Curricular Groups have both before school and after school meetings in order to accommodate our students and their schedules. Our activities range from performing arts groups like our Instrument ensembles, and our multiple choral groups, to language and culture clubs, and special interest clubs. Just this year several students got together and created proposals for two new clubs that were added to our offerings! Students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities as they are great ways to meet and interact with other students and take on leadership roles within these clubs and within the school.

Chinese Club

The Chinese club welcomes students who are interested in learning more about the Chinese culture, history and language. Activities include arts and crafts, Chinese calligraphy, games, food making and much more. Meetings will be held once a month either in the morning at 7:30am or in the afternoon at 2:30pm. The exact date will be posted in the daily news regularly.

FOR Club

FOR Club reflects the mission of NDA by helping students make responsible choices that promote kindness and tolerance in our school and our community. The group meets every Monday at 7:30am.

Forensics Club

Forensic Science is the application of science to law. The Forensic Science club explores how the physical, biological and social sciences are used to collect, process, and prepare evidence for court. (New in 2017/2018 Student formed club!!!)

French Club

The French club meets once a month and covers French topics we don't always have time to cover in class. Such topics include places, monuments, songs, art, from a francophone country. The French club will usually hold 2 sessions: after school and morning to accommodate students who have other after school or morning programs.


Girls are powerful. When they’re educated, healthy, and safe, they transform their communities. When girls stand up for girls in need, they empower each other and transform our world. As the NDA Chapter of the United Nations adolescent girl campaign, we engage girls to take action. Through advocacy and education efforts we work to help the hardest to reach girls living in places where it is hardest to be a girl. Strong girls make strong women #bethechange #girlpower.

Instrumental Ensembles

Instrumental Ensemble – the largest ensemble consisting of all school instrumentalists including string, keyboard, wind and percussion players; performs at all concerts.

Jazz Ensemble - usually traditional jazz instruments (saxophones, trumpets, trombones & rhythm section) but could also include flute, clarinet, string players and other instruments – performs at all concerts and other community functions including jazz competitions.

Chamber Orchestra –mostly strings but could include wind and keyboard players – performs at all concerts.

Flute Choir – consists of flute players (piccolo, alto flute, etc.) – performs at all concerts.

Guitar Ensemble –players at all levels from beginning to advanced – performs at all concerts.

Percussion Ensemble –all levels of players, from beginning to advanced – performs at all concerts.

IN ADDITION – The program offers private lessons in the following instruments: voice, piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, and all percussion. These lessons can take place during free periods and after school times.

Marine Life Awareness

This club examines many topics that relate to the beauty, safety, and sustainability of all types of marine life. As the name indicates, the main purposes of the club are to raise awareness of the dangers encountered by marine life, and to attempt to reduce these dangers. The student-leaders also wish to educate others about ocean life in general. (New in 2017/2018 Student formed club!!!)

Math Club

Math Club– Math can be fun! We have both Freshman & Varsity teams. Teams compete against other schools 3-4 times a year.


Stands for Prayerful Activities at Notre Dame Academy. The group meets to support and encourage the mission and activities of the Religion department. Activities include prayer discussion, artistic projects, musical & media experiences and more!

Performing Arts

Dance Ensemble-Meets once a week for a dance class or rehearsal for various scheduled all school performances. Open to grades 7-12 all levels of dance.

Improv Company- Meets once per week on Wednesday at 2:30-3:30.Excellent opportunity to get acting training as well as have a wonderful time. Trains students to take risks, work as a team, think ‘outside the box’ and enjoy performing in front of a group without judgment. Open to grades 9-12.

Touring Theater- Cast through audition. Rehearses October through November one afternoon per week (there are two casts of the same show). Travels to area elementary school in mid-November for two full days each cast performing four times per day.

Spring Musical- Cast through audition. Rehearsals begin the first week of January. Show is in mid-March. Large casts including male roles (usually brought from St. John’s). This year the show is Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods’.

Poetry Club

The NDA Poetry Club reflects on and discusses published written and spoken word poetry. Additionally, students are encouraged to share their own works in progress and completed pieces. The NDA Slam Poetry Competition Team competes in local slam poetry competitions and in the Massachusetts Louder than a Bomb annual competition .

Robotics Club

Robotics Club-Open to grades 7-12! Learn how to build robots and code, while having a lot of fun!

Science Club

The Science Club introduces students to science related careers while enriching their knowledge of science. We feature in-house labs and guest lectures, field trips, tours, and/or conferences. Our hope is to broaden our students’ exposure to science, while building connections in the community.

Spanish Club

In the Spanish Club we enjoy music, investigate interesting places, and celebrate the holidays of Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish Club usually holds 2 sessions for each meeting, one after school and one at 7:35 AM to accommodate students who participate in other after school or morning activities.

Student Council

Student Council is a student-run organization with faculty supervision. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community. Representatives are elected to their Student Council positions on a yearly basis.

Each grade level is represented in our Student Council. These students coordinate most of our school's large assemblies and events. Here are just a few of our yearly Student Council hosted events:

  • Freshman Fling
  • Kris Kringle
  • Pep Rallies
  • Pink Out - Breast Cancer Awareness Day
  • Semi-Formal
  • Spirit Week
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • Welcome Day Assembly

Vocal Ensembles

Glee Club –the largest of the choral groups and performs at each concert.

Chamber Chorale –performs at all concerts, many liturgies, and at other functions in the community including school’s Knollwood Society functions.

A Cappella Group – Student run –performs at all concerts as well as some community functions such as Preservation Worcester’s Holiday Stroll.

Yearbook Committee

The yearbook committee meets once a week in either the morning or afternoon. Our student yearbook staff learn important skills ranging from time management & reaching deadlines, to marketing and editing.