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Annual Report  2015 - 2016

We sincerely thank you for your support.

Our Generous Donors

St. Julie Society
$10,000 or More
Lauring Charitable Foundation
Angela and Ronald Lombard
Sarah K. de Coizart Article TENTH Perpetual Charity

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur Society
$5,000 to $9,999
Kathleen Rogers '65 and Rick Teller

Principal's Circle
$2,500 to $4,999
Leslie and James Andreoli
June and Joseph Bafaro
Clement T. Desautels, Esq.
Donna R. Desautels '74
Thomas L. Fitzpatrick, Esq.
Attys. Nicholas and Maryann Horton Luongo '93
Attys. Stan and Elizabeth Reynolds (Fitzgerald) McCright '77
Catherine Riordan, M.D. '77 and John P. Foley, Jr.
Mark and Elizabeth Andreoli Smiley '82

Trustee Circle
$1,000 to $2,499
Trevor and Patricia Kelleher Bartram '74
Mary Paulukonis Brosnihan '62
Stephen and Catherine Bowe Caputo '77
Richard and Lori Carr
Jeanne and James Corrao
Richard and Ngaire O'Connell Cuneo '68
Marie and John Curran
Emmanuel College
Francis and Maureen Ryan Doyle '69
Jay and Rachel Kenary Egan '77
Margaret Flynn '77
Mary Kiritsy Foley '74
William and Patricia Moran Iandoli '71
Industrial Cleaning Products
Ronald Harper and Lela Johnson '81
James and Karen Jordan
Joyce and Michael Keegan
Robert and Mary Shea Kennedy '65
Francis and Marianne Birch McWilliams '64
Lynn Douglas Mouden, DDS
Timothy and Elizabeth Murphy
Anne Marie Nabhan and Deborah Nabhan Rowland '76
Kathleen A. Philipp
Jeffrey Robinson and Kathleen Salmon - Robinson '86
David and Mary Bowe Rose '74
Sisters of St. Joseph
Joseph and Charlene Bedord Stolberg '88
Christine and Terrence Sullivan
James and Anne Harvey Wright, Esq. '68
Judith Zinkus '61

Faculty Circle
$500 to $999
Sandeep and Rachel Costa Alva '82
Dan Amorello Services
Kenneth and Mary Ellen Donoghue Atchue '65
James and Judith Bergin
William and Marjorie Bernstein
Louis Rossi and Karen Birch '69
Elissa Boisvert '86
Christine Coulter Briggs '77
Ann Marie and Brian Buckley, Esq.
Kevin and Sara Burgwinkle
Virginia and Kevin Byrne, Esq.
Gary Carskaddan
Alexander Franz and Tasneem Chipty, PhD. '85
Lawrence and Louise Cournoyer
Paul and Anne Hallisey Covino '76
Debra and Michael Covino
William and Catherine Ermilio Davies '75
Gerard and Marylou DeLongchamp
Mary Jane Dinneen, M.D. '70
Diocese of Worcester
Sr. Anne Mary Donovan, SND
Martha and Fouad Saad Fam
David and Saipin Favre
Favulli Electric
Francis Harvey Remodeling
Douglas Quigley and Sandra Gibson-Quigley
Edward and Mary Ann Gardner Gill '64
Richard and Katherine Nichols Greenberg '70
Waino and Linda Gustafson
Amy Harmon '80 and Rob Stefanic
Ellen Reardon Hartman '77
Atty. Robert and Lynn Fallavollita Hennigan '71
Virginia and John Heroux
Maria B. Hickey, Esq. '77
Claire and John Hunt
Jim Giles and Patricia A. Johnson '71
Frank and Katie Dennis Joyce '91
Mrs. Alison Clarke Kenary
Paul, Lynn Johnson '75, Emily '12, and Colleen '15 Kirby
Joseph Kane and Barbara Kirklauskas '60
Kimberly and Jonathan Kossuth
Edward and Margaret Murray Madaus '65
Mary and Francis W. Madigan, Jr.
Managed Wealth Strategies, LLC
Vincent and Rosanne Sullivan Matulaitis '61
MDM Transportation Consultants
Anne and John Messier
Stan Miller
Thomas and Erin Hickey Moschos '00
Niche Hospitality Group
Fr. John J. Nicholson
Notre Dame Health Care Center, Inc
O'Connor, Maloney and Company, P.C.
Patricia O'Day '72
Christopher and Elizabeth Ott
Patricia Parker
Ray and Lisa Mancini Peare '88
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Pierce
Janice and Michael Rezuke
St. John's High School
Thomas Dybdahl and Patricia Tinsley Steen '64
Susan Vassallo, M.D. '75
Mary Estes Zywar

Academy Associate
$250 to $499
Sr. Barbara Barry, SND
Joan T. Barry '65
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Beisaw
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Borgstrom
Mark and Andrea Salvidio Brewster '85
Kermit and Nancy Arvanigian Brown '76
Kathleen McTighe Cahill '68
Renee Messier Carroll '84
Class of 2015
Harry Clough
Catherine Colecchi '78
Paula and Pablo Collins
Elizabeth Corrao '06
Creedon and Company
Mark Duggan and Molly Diggins, Esq. '83
Jim Egan
Joseph and Susan Salem Evangelista '85
Nancy N. Gallagher '76
Elizabeth Gamache '62
Nikolla and Lydra Glozheni
Will and Maura Reardon Goodwyn, Esq. '74
Therese Scollen Hayward '65
Carl and Ruth Heeder
Dennis and Cynthia Lian Henderson '77
Sr. Kristin Hokanson, SND
James and Patricia Mahon Hurley '80
Richard Iandoli
David Inman and Elizabeth O'Connell-Inman '75
Linda and Kallin Johnson
Jordan O'Connor and Associates
Dr. John and Patricia Kelly
Mike and Maria Bartholomew Knights '93
Dr. Philip and Kathy Lahey, Jr.
Heather Leary '04
George and Catherine Campos Ledec '78
John and Danyelle Letendre
Joanna and Robert Longden, Esq.
John and Marianne McLaughlin MacDonald '83
Susan and John Madaio, Esq.
Sr. Anne Malone, SND
Atty. James and Mary Elizabeth Tobin Maloney '62
Mary and Donald O. Maloney, Jr.
Nancy and John Manzello
Mary and Dennis McGee
MCPHS University
Jason and Angela Iandoli Medeiros '98
Karen and Clinton Mills, Jr.
Sr. Ann E. Morrison, SND
William and Patricia Neville Mulford '65
Sr. Patricia O'Brien, SND
Rodolfo and Frances Moran Olano '67
Susan and Peter Palmer
Mary and Jon Provost
Paul and Martha Buckley Rizzoli '76
Mark and Judith Kiritsy Roy '71
Stephen and Pamela Savage
Dr. Richard and Susan Donohue Simitis '64
Sisters of Notre Dame
Linda and James Tartaglia
Patricia Thessen Dems
Thomas Woods Ins. Agency
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wells
John and Kathleen McCarthy Wojnarowicz '65
Rosemary and Richard Wolanski
Stacey and John Woods

Green & Gold Associate
$100 to $249
Charlie and Mary Egan Aleksiewicz '63
Asa and Janet Ginkus Allen '66
Paul and Diane Anderson
Caroline Andreoli '15
Nicholas and Barbara Argento
Anthony and Barbara Athy
Christine Lawless Ayers '82
Mary Jo Ball '69
Christine and Brian Barrows
Richard Bartholomae
Richard and Mary Frances Madigan Bauchspies '78
Jaclyn Bedard '10
Mr. and Mrs. David Bedard
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Belec
George and Margaret Turpin Belsito '91
Maurice and Pamela Maillet Boisvert '64
Paul Minda and Sheryl Bourisk-Minda '77
Renee Mikitarian-Bradley and Edward Bradley, III
Mary Mahoney Braney '66
Stephen and Rosanna Burke
Thomas and Carol MacDonald Burns '61
William and Susan Beisaw Butler '85
Thomas and Candace Callahan
Ernest and Sarah Cole Camerer '91
Eirinn Buckley Campaniello '85
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Campbell
Sr. Madeline Carrabino, SND
Louise Gadbois Cash '55
Conor and Mary Beth Ryan Cashman '01
Gary Cunniff and Maria Cataldo-Cunniff '86
Michele and Dean Chaffe
Robert and Kate Allard-Madaus Chartener '85
Patricia and Joe Cloutier
Elena Maglione Coffey '63
Sr. Barbara Collins, SND
Dr. Rita Comtois '69
Bruce Brand and Marie Cousy '69
Robert Cousy
Rosemary T. Cronin '55
Lucy Daigle
Joseph and Kathleen McCready Daly '77
Meaghan Daly '99
Kathy and Tom Daly
Joan Moran Davis '73
Russell and Janet Deal
Richard and Margery Dearborn
Jane Herlihy Dee '63
Robert and Grace Purcell Dietz '62
Erin McGuirk Dobson '88
Maureen Dolan
Jacqueline Dube '91
Kathleen and Robert Eichelroth
Jake Batsell and Tracy Everbach, PhD. '80
Suzanne and Anthony Fantaroni
Nancy Eckland Fiore '78
Helen M. Fitzgerald
Sr. Catherine Fleming, SND
Lizanne Allard-Madaus Foley, Esq. '79
Janice and Brian Foley
Rosemary and Paul Ford
Patricia Killeen Fouhy '74
Linda Gentile
Barry Friedman and Lucia Giannetta-Friedman '84
Paul and Lynne Deterando Grden '85
Maryanne Ballantine Hammond '65
Edward and Susan Henchey Hanam '66
Margaret Tuller Hansel '75
Margaret Hanshaw '87
J. and Michelle Abair Heath '88
William and Mary Alice Bernet Houghton, M.D. '58
Anne Howard '73
Madeline Iacobucci '74
Josten's (Scholastic Solutions)
Michelle and Jay Kanavos
Paul and Joan Mulvihill Kennedy '61
Mary Ann Scannell Kenny '62
Kimberly Kepler-Gennert
William and Frances Krauss
Kelsey Kurtz '15
Mr. Wallace Kurtz
Lori MacInnes LaBarge '86
Michele and William Landes
Richard and Kathleen Driscoll Larson '61
Lauraine Longval Laurence '57
Kathy and John Lauring, Esq.
Susan and John Lavoie
Sharon and Austin Leary
Mary and Francis Lee
David and Mary Cotter Lemoine
The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph Lian
Cindy and James Longo
Robyn Majewski
Mr. Donald F. O. Maloney Sr.
Victoria Bonardi Manzi '60
Thomas and Patricia Marmen
Elizabeth Marr '02
Kathleen Martin
Dr. Daniel and Sheila O'Connor Massarelli '79
Victoria Begley McCartney '01
Edward McGloine
Susan and Robert Michaud
John and Mary Lou Tamason Mitchell '65
Jeffrey Greiman and Rita Moran-Greiman '81
Paul and Anne Bowe Moylan '75
Thomas and Kathleen Monahan Myshrall '80
National Grid USA Service Company
Notre Dame Academy Student Council
Margaret Manning Noyes '64
Frances and Gerald Nugent
Maryliz Volin O'Brien '66
Kerry O'Connell '76
Meghan O'Day '06
Francis and Susan Saulnier O'Gorman '81
Lucia Tomaiolo O'Keefe '79
Jane Sawicki O'Leary '60
Timothy O'Malley
Megan O'Toole '80
Lisa Packard
Juan and Jane Moynagh Padro '55
Joseph and Kathleen Pagano
Vinita Pandey '89
Jeanne and Alan Pandiani
Donald and Susan Pegg
Daniel and Eileen Harvey Perron '75
Jeffrey and Jean Sullivan Piazza '78
Michele and Christopher Pierce
Berta and Jim Pinzino
Joanne and Rick Powell
Mary Flynn Regan '58
Tara Pigo-Cronin Rizzo '95
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Rose
Kristina Newman Ryan '95
Thomas and Patricia Ryan
Michael Salvidio
Mary Kay and Timothy Seguin
George Sherrill and Paulette Kelley-Sherrill
Chris and Tara Mercadante Simard '86
Steve and Lynette Snow
Mark and Kathleen Wolanski Soden '96
Mary Dale Spach '61
James and Eileen Brosnan Stokes '63
Marianne Szlyk '82
Anne Boyle Tatum '62
Nicholas and Marianne Curran Tawa '75
Denise Gleason Taylor '70
Elizabeth Tewksbary
Alexa Trapasso '07
Mary Ellen Hastings Ulevich '65
Jane Umphrey
Christopher and Felicitie Boisvert Van Atten '91
Dr. Helen Vassallo
Maria Viapiano '80
Gaetana and John Volpini
Voya Foundation
Kerry McGuirk Wall '94
Tyson and Antoinette Bronzo Waterman '01
Raymond and Colleen O'Connor Wernig '76
Patrick and Karen White
Katherine Wickstrom '15
Marilyn and Stephen Willand
Robert Sorrenti and Dr. Lynda Young

Sunflower Associate
$1 to $99
Emily Rourke Adcock '98
Mary E. Foley Adie '70
Suzanne Latino Amato '85
Dr. Claire Angers '57
Madelyn Elliott Anusbigian '66
Mary Creamer Arnberg '62
Callie Atchue '05
Evelyn Baroni '56
Lindsay Belec '06
Berit Bergquist '77
Cheryl and Jeffrey Berthiaume
Harry and Ann Lennerton Blaisdell '59
Mary Blute '73
Stephen and Marilynn Borst
Arlene Bosch
Ann Marie Bouvier '61
Alice Bowen '66
Dr. Rose Brault, NPC '62
Dianne Bruce '76
Suzanne Burdulis '85
Katherine Butler '11
Cheryl and Daniel J. Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. John Calhoun
Mary Jane Calhoun-Donelan '77
Gianna Caprioli '16
Cara Caputo '14
Gina Caputo '17
Patricia A. Carignan
Dave and Brigid McKenna Carlson '98
Ann and Gary Cattarin
Luigi and Susan Ceccacci
Denise Champagne
Sherry L. Champlin
Jane McCorkle Chaponis '86
Geraldine Friel Collins '63
Nan Connor '57
Jane Candito Corr '66
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cote
Anne Cummings '61
Elizabeth Wolanin Daly '59
Anne and Glenn Daly
Martha Libby Dandurand '75
Shelagh and William Davenport
Phillip and Karen DeCharles
Anne and Daniel Deedy
Joanne Ridick Depue '59
Eric deRivera
Margaret B. Diggins
Sheilah H. Dooley
Thomas and Janet Dougherty
Ronald and Cheryl Ducharme
Haylee Duclos '15
Kristen and Jeffrey Duclos
John and Frances Sullivan Duke '59
Ann Ermhausen '74
Sr. Rosemary Fay, SND '61
Emily Finn '11
Robert and Margaret Bowe Fitzgerald '79
Nicole Fitzpatrick '03
Kara Foley '03
Leah Foley '04
Mr and Mrs. Thomas Gallagher
Roger and MaryAnn Cadieux Gardzina '61
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gentz
Margaret Donoghue Golden '71
Sue Ann Goodwin
Cathy and John Gould
Nason Horowitz and Martha Grace
Charles and Carol Graziano
Maureen Callahan Gustafson '59
Paisley Haddad '17
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Haddad
Alexander and Emily Darling Haley
Diane and Robert Harizi
Anthony and Tania Knapik Harris '92
Mary-Kate Haylon '13
Patricia and Timothy Haylon
James Hecox and Kathleen Hancock
Emily Helenius '14
Lianne Henderson, Esq. '06
Jonathan Holter and Kathryn Hennigan '98
Kevin Hickey
John and Maryclare O'Donnell Himmel '76
Edward Hoelsch
Beverly and Dean Huggins
Maura Hurley '09
Erin Iandoli '06
Jean Johnson
Anne Marie Joubert
Kevin and Anne O'Connor Kane '71
Kathleen Flynn Kelly '61
Alexandra Giorgio Kelly '08
Hannah Kenary '06
Jesse Caplan and Valerie Kerxhalli
Patricia O'Grady King '58
Catherine Kiritsy
Rosemary Kiritsy
William and Tonia Pizzuti Klein '92
Jennifer and Andrew Klein
Karyn Bober Kuhn '77
Kenneth and Linda Palermo LaFleche '64
Megan Landine '01
Dorothy Matuzek Lapriore '65
Caitlin Murphy Lauring '04
Christina Lauring '06
Frances Leahy
Kelly Leonard '08
Frances and Thomas Leonard
Nicole Lillie '08
Mary Moran Losapio '82
Emily Lovaas-McGloine '16
John and Catherine Loconto Lucey '71
Myles and Cornelia Curran Lund '63
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lynch
Michael Patrick Lyons
Kristine and Patrick Maloney
John and Sheila Armstrong Mansfield '66
Rocco and Sheila Botti Marino
Jane and Jeffrey Mason
Bridget McCabe '16
Eleanor McCabe
Maureen and Kieran McCabe
Reenie Phillips McCarthy '82
Kelsey McCarthy '11
Thomas and Maureen O'Brien McCullough '68
Thomas and Margaret Hanafin McGraw '81
Gordon and Patricia Brown McKenna '59
Sr. Evelyn McKenna, SND
Barbara Shilinsky McKeon '83
Steven Chappell and Mary McMahon-Chappell '75
Allisen Menchaca
Raphael and Melissa Rocha Meyerowitz '91
Eileen Michaud '16
JoAnn Mills
Katherine Creen Morocco '63
Ava Munro '18
Maria Munro
Kevin and Gail Mulvihill Murphy '60
Michael and Karen Lambert Murphy '84
Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy
Brian and Donna Nathan
NDA Friends of Rachel
Colin and Tracy O'Connell Novick '91
Brian and Colleen O'Brien
Edward and Mary Oconnell
Deborah Clifford O'Connor '59
Christine O'Connor '04
Michael and Christina Duggan O'Donnell '75
Mary Lee Harrison O'Leary '59
Carol O'Sullivan
Sarah Palmgren '06
Cynthia Palmgren
Andrew and Maryellen Gruszka Paquette '90
Amanda Pashko '09
Sr. Marilyn Pechillo, SND
Stephen and Donna Mallozzi Perkins '82
Margaret Mathurin Phoenix '71
Caileigh Pierce '19
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pierce
Philip and Joan Murphy Powers '59
Bonnie Prescott
Patricia A. Provost
Ronald Provost
Monica Ridler Pyle '64
Robert and Mary Ellen Wilson Pytko '73
Martha Hubbard Raphael, EdD '61
Kathleen Hart Raymond '60
Kathryn Rezuke '11
Deborah Richards
Carol Blute Ryan '73
Donna Salvidio
Angela Santamaria
Nancy Sedor '69
Anthony Sereti
Betty Shea
Mark and Debra Shear
Richard and Barbara Kittredge Spugnardi '61
Michelle and Dennis Streeter
Mary Sullivan '15
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Swindell
Paul Szlyk, DMD
Take Charge of Education Target
Linda Taylor
Heather Strom Tessier '96
Ray and Lorraine Gagnon Thomas '55
Patricia Burke Toomey '63
Beatrice Tosi '55
Margaret Traina
Cheryl Eckland Trimby '80
Raija Vaisanen
Paul and Mary Murphy Vrabel '74
Stephen Walinsky
John and Kathleen Hanley Warwick '65
James Welu
Kelly White '03
Sheila White
Herb and Mary Doyle Williams '64
Sharon and Peter Woodbury
Therese Lafleur Woodrow
Catherine Woods Goodwin '79
Joanne Gallagher Worthley
Cynthia Xenakis
John and Ellen Harrington Ylitalo '68


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