Our Award-winning music department features many instrumental and choral groups that all students are encouraged to join. Our new music wing offers private rehearsal studios, as well as a large rehearsal space and access to dozens of instruments.

Our students are required to take music class for their first 3 years at Notre Dame as part of the Arts rotation.

7th & 8th graders learn the fundamentals of keyboard, and 9th graders are taught music style

Music Courses

Chamber Chorale Elective/Partial credit/Grades 11, 12

This is a small vocal ensemble open to students by audition only. Concentration is on a cappella singing and learning to read music as a vocal ensemble. Music varies from classical to pop and jazz. This group performs at all music department concerts and at many functions in the community.

Musical Expression Elective/Full credit/Honors/Grades 11,12

This is a general music class with focus on understanding how music expresses ideas. The class covers basic fundamentals of western musical notation and surveys various styles including music of other cultures. A good portion of the class is devoted to following the historical progression of music, ancient to modern. There is also time given to jazz, rock, and other popular idioms.

Music Theory Elective/Full credit/Advanced/Grades 11, 12

An AP Examination is offered in this course.
This course is designed to prepare students to take the AP exam. Concentrating on the study of western musical practices, students learn the fundamentals of harmony, four-part writing, dictation, and sight singing. A large portion of the class is devoted to a survey of musical form and analysis.

Music Co-Curriculars

Instrumental Ensembles

Instrumental Ensemble – the largest ensemble consisting of all school instrumentalists including string, keyboard, wind and percussion players; performs at all concerts.

Jazz Ensemble - usually traditional jazz instruments (saxophones, trumpets, trombones & rhythm section) but could also include flute, clarinet, string players and other instruments – performs at all concerts and other community functions including jazz competitions.

Chamber Orchestra –mostly strings but could include wind and keyboard players – performs at all concerts.

Flute Choir – consists of flute players (piccolo, alto flute, etc.) – performs at all concerts.

Guitar Ensemble –players at all levels from beginning to advanced – performs at all concerts.

Percussion Ensemble –all levels of players, from beginning to advanced – performs at all concerts.

IN ADDITION – The program offers private lessons in the following instruments: voice, piano, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, and all percussion. These lessons can take place during free periods and after school times.

Choral Ensembles

Glee Club –the largest of the choral groups and performs at each concert.

Chamber Chorale –performs at all concerts, many liturgies, and at other functions in the community including school’s Knollwood Society functions.

A Cappella Group – Student run –performs at all concerts as well as some community functions such as Preservation Worcester’s Holiday Stroll.