Alumnae Stories

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Alumnae Stories

Lynn Detarando Grden '85

Lynn Detarando Grden '85 shares her story of perseverance, strength, and the incredible support she received from her NDA family.

"I wanted to share my alumna story. At age 5, I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. My time at NDA was the best of my life, but a struggle. I was out sick all the time. Everyone worked hard to support me and help me graduate on time and with my class. I couldn’t participate well in gym class, but, Ms. Provost always made me feel included. In a nutshell, NDA gave me the tools I would need for the battle for my life. In my 20’s, I was listed for a double lung transplant. I struggled to survive until I was 48. At that time, I was near death. My miracle came, the morning after Mother’s Day. I was med- flighted to Cleveland Clinic for a double lung transplant. My faith, family, and friends kept me alive. I’m so grateful. I have a wonderful husband and son that were incredible.

     Without NDA, I wouldn’t have had the faith, courage, or confidence to survive. I would not have developed the confidence to know that I was deserving of a loving relationship. I was able to go to college, grad school and work for many years for a prestigious engineering firm in Boston. Many times, I’ve been told that my dreams were impossible to realize. Thanks to NDA, I am alive to keep pursuing my dreams. I do a lot of public speaking, sharing my story, and promoting organ donation. I am so grateful to my donor’s family and to everyone who has supported me for so long. I’m even happier to be able to now help others. Paying it forward is a total joy."