Senior Projects

Every year, The Notre Dame Academy Senior Universal Traditions students, present their Senior Projects, which is a Capstone graduation requirement.

The Senior Project is a theme-based collaborative which connects literature and the arts through themes, culminating in a formal presentation during the third quarter.

In the Fall, the students choose a theme and a corresponding short story. In addition to their research paper the students also choose one of our four arts disciplines to convey their theme in the form of an art. They can choose from Visual Arts, Theater, Music, or Dance. Over the course of three months the students work with the World Literature teacher and their chosen arts faculty member to construct an interesting, well-rounded, research paper. Their paper and arts performance or visual arts piece is then presented in the school’s theatre in front of their peers and other members of the student body. Congratulations to our Class of 2019 for their incredible work!

“The Senior Project helped to get me out of my comfort zone. I feel better prepared for college and future presentations.”- Fotini Gertsios ‘19