As the proud mother of a Junior at Notre Dame Academy, I can’t say enough good things about how matriculating on this campus has benefited my daughter. It was important to us to have a spiritual component and community outreach. Scholastically she has been encouraged to step out of her comfort zone. The course offerings are diverse and challenging. The dress code is relaxed and allows the girls to concentrate on what is important. My daughter has developed into a strong leader who is compassionate, respectful and always willing to lend a helpful hand to her classmates.- Lisa Cargill P’20

It is truly a testament to NDA that four years spent in a very special place at a very young age can continue to positively impact my life experience and career 41 years later. NDA faculty and staff encouraged each of us to pursue our own unique brand of “amazing.” For me, amazing was defined by choosing electives that satisfied my love of languages and curiosity about the world, by engaging actively in debates without fear of judgment or criticism, by knowing that women of my generation did not have to take second place to men in the career realm, by putting “love in action” to help those less fortunate, by learning to persevere in times of difficulty, and to balance it all with a hefty dose of wonder, adventure, fun and humor. These gifts have travelled with me through college, law school, 9 years in the United States Navy, the loss of a brilliant young husband to cancer, world travel, and the ultimate decision to leave billable hours and the traditional practice of law behind to pursue almost thirty years of work with people of low income in the affordable housing industry. I believe to the core of my being that it is incumbent upon all who have experienced their brand of “NDA amazing” to share the gift with NDA students now and into the future. -Betsy McCright ‘77

Transferring to a new high school as a 10th grader can be daunting, yet the nurturing community at Notre Dame was the reason our daughter settled in so quickly. She was seeking a different experience than our public high school was offering, one that embodied our family values while providing challenging academics and committed mentorship from caring teachers. The answer for our family was Notre Dame Academy. The class size has allowed our daughter to be an active participant. She has found her voice and gained confidence because the model allows for daily, dynamic discussion with fellow students and teachers. The all-girl environment contributes to a cooperative culture where these young women band together to support one another to achieve academic and co-curricular goals. Our daughter believes that the absence of male students changes the dynamic so that there is less emphasis on appearance and risk of falling into typical, pre-determined high school roles. We still recall a hallway conversation with a teacher during our parent visit day who told us that if NDA is the right fit, our daughter will soar, and soar she has. -The Barton Family (Ryann ‘19)

So many wonderful memories flood my mind as I think back on my 40 years as a faculty member at NDA – the students, parents, co-workers, friends who were so much part of my life for so long. Now that I am “retired,” I am heartened when I am “out and about” and hear “Sister Evelyn!” and am greeted by a student whom I taught five, ten, thirty or more years ago at NDA. Often there is a sharing of a memory/story or two followed by an update of her life and achievements since those significant years.

NDA has been extremely influential for so many of the young women who have passed through “the iron gates” on Salisbury Street. Saint Julie Billiart, founder of the Sisters of Notre Dame, urged her Sisters in ministry to “teach them (their students) what they need to know for life.” Many of the subject areas provided groundwork for professions in which these women are now engaged. Equally important are intangibles such as the values of support, friendship, cooperation rather than competition, global citizenship, and being a person of faith and of action. We are so proud of the fruit borne in the lives of so many wonderful NDA alumnae– as well as the ways in which current students are learning and internalizing the values of their predecessors. We look with optimism toward the great things these young people will accomplish and the values and gifts which they, too, will bring into our world. - Sr. Evelyn McKenna SNDdeN

Notre Dame Academy is the best place, and for me the only place to go, when choosing a high school. The moment I walked through the doors, I felt like I already had friends. The way the girls treated each other, the way they didn’t mind letting themselves be who they are, made me want to be part of the NDA family. I quickly learned the friendships made at NDA are everlasting; they are a bond between sisters that lasts well beyond your high school years. When I went to class, the teachers were kind and genuine. They let their students know that they are there for them, to help, and to guide. The way the girls talked to the teachers and joked with them gave me a sense of comfort and safety in the classroom. NDA provides its girls with a stellar education that helps them to prepare for college and beyond. When I hear speeches from alumnae, I realize how lucky I am to be in such a community that fosters individuality, independence, and growth. Now, as a sophomore, I am exceedingly glad that I chose Notre Dame Academy. A unique place where I can be myself and learn the importance of workmanship, independence, and love. -Elizabeth Nompleggi ‘21