Sr. Ann Morrison, SND

One of my favorite stories about our students happened on a beautiful August day at a local town beach. A mother had taken her 7th grade daughter to this beach all summer long. There were two teenage girl lifeguards who captured the mother’s attention. She loved the way they interacted not only with her children, but also with all the different types of people on the beach. She admired their focus and sense of responsibility in keeping all the swimmers safe. She also noticed they seemed joyful, not in turmoil like so many teenage girls. They embodied a special kind of something she could not quite put her finger on. She said to her husband, “I want our daughter to be just like those girls. I am going to find out more about them.” She did. The one common denominator the girls shared was that they were both students at NDA Worcester. She came home that afternoon and called us. Her daughter thrived here!

A story like this makes me feel very lucky to be principal of a school that has such talented students and supportive families.  Without them, we would not exist. I am also blessed with exceptional faculty, staff, and trustees. In addition, I am eternally grateful to our alumnae, past parents, and friends who are remarkably loyal. I want to thank each of you for being the heart and soul of this special place that educates young girls during such transformational years. 

Each girl we teach has her own flavor of beautiful. What a delight to watch a mind thrive, a friendship flourish, a passion ignite, a spirit soar. I believe the special kind of spirit our girls possess is the ability to see with their hearts. When they are here, they become more mindful of their choices and develop a spiritual intelligence that I believe opens their hearts wider to what deeply matters to them and ultimately to the world.   

Notre Dame Academy is uniquely equipped to prepare young women for the next step in their educational journey and beyond. I invite you to take this step with us.

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